CollegeLife Updates

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Bible Study 10/4

Hello all! Bible study will be at our regular place at the regular time with our regular people.. So be there! in the Parish Hall at 5:15 for FREE dinner and the Bible Study in the College Life room from 6-7!

Sunday School 10/4

Tomorrow morning we will go to Zaxby’s on Cumberland for lunch! This is especially awesome because when you give them your church bulletin, you get 10% off! So bring your bulletin and we’ll meet at 12:30!

See you there!



Just wanted to say…

Have fun with your family, friends, or textbooks this fall break! Be safe and remember that God will be with you wherever you are.

And also- a really awesome pumpkin to brighten your fall!


Tonight! Change of plans!!

We’re still meeting at 5:15 in the Parish Hall for FREE dinner, but after we will go to Evensong to see the music show! This will last from 6-7!

See you there!

Sunday School- 9/30

Things are back to normal this Sunday! We will meet at Gourmet’s Market after the second service (around 12:30) for brunch! Bring your appetite!

Also- please let me know if you have any requests for where we should meet other than Gourmet’s Market- Cracker Barrel was great last week!

Bible Study- 9/30

This Sunday night!

We will start off Sunday evening activities at 5:15 in the Parish Hall with FREE dinner and then move to the CollegeLife classroom or our Bible study from 6-7!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday School- 9/23

Change of location this Sunday! We will meet the the Cracker Barrel at 9214 Park West Blvd (Cedar Bluff) after the second service- around 12:30!
Get ready for an extra delicious breakfast and excellent company! Call/text Merry-Reid at 865-548-7979 if you need a ride or want to carpool!



Bible Study- 9/23

Join us this Sunday night for a FREE spaghetti dinner in the Parish Hall at 5:15 and Bible study from 6-7 in the CollegeLife classroom!

We will continue our Andy Stanley study, Comparisons, with Monty and Elizabeth Walton. Good times will be had by all! Hope to see you there!

Word on the Street — Sept. 21

Dear College Friends:

I hope you have had a good week. I know the Tennessee-Florida game turned out to be a big disappointment for the UT students and fans. Maybe the Vols will get their act together, and I suspect they will play much better when they meet my alma mater, Georgia, next weekend.

Since we moved to Knoxville in 2005, I have never seen so much excitement among Tennessee fans before a game. Last Saturday morning, I wanted to catch some of the atmosphere of the ESPN College GameDay show from Circle Park, so I decided to include it in my daily jog. Knowing it may be hard to find a free place to park near the UT campus, I parked at the easternmost public parking spot in Sequoyah Hills and jogged up there.

Well, guess what? It ended up being much longer up to Circle Park via the Kingston PIke sidewalk than I realized, and I arrived up there with only about 15 minutes left in the show — and totally exhausted. I did get to see Lee Corso hold up a mountain man’s gun and pick Tennessee to win, and the fans went crazy. It was neat to be there catching the atmosphere among a throng of Orange — even though I was the only one sporting a totally soaked shirt from all the exercising.

After it was over, I managed to make it back to my truck — as much out of energy as I have ever been. I was definitely ready for lunch by then, so I went by Chick-fil-A and had an ice dream cup and two Cokes along with the chicken sandwich, fries and cole slaw. I usually feel guilty after such a feast, but because of all the jogging and calorie burning I had done, I did not feel guilty at all.

On Thursday, I was jogging around Circle Park again after my class and thought I might find a much more tranquil area. But this time, some tent workers from a local company were putting up massive tents for some activities in connection with the Akron game Saturday. What I found uplifting was that several of the workers pulled out their smart phones and took pictures of the tents after they had finished erecting them. I am used to thinking of only architects or owners of their own large construction companies taking pictures or having professional pictures taken of structures, so it was neat to see these rank-and-file employees so proud of their work. And I must admit, the massive tent looked pretty straight and strong.

It also reminded me of the Bible story from Matthew 7 of having a faith as solid as a house built on rock, not sand.

We invite you to come to Church Street UMC Sunday and learn more about spiritual construction in the Christian context.

A special treat will take place at 8:15 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 23, as the Tennessee Wesleyan College choir will sing for 10 minutes before each service. They will also sing during the offertory from the rear balcony. So arrive earlier than normal if you want to enjoy it.

Church Street UMC CollegeLife intern Merry-Reid Sheffer will continue to lead Sunday school at its new time — around 12:15 p.m. — at Gourmet’s Market on Kingston Pike in Bearden. Email Merry-Reid at for more information.

The Monty and Elizabeth Walton Bible study will continue at 6 p.m. in CLC 124, with a free dinner at 5:15. The menu this week includes spaghetti and meatballs. You can’t get much better than that for comfort food! Email Monty and Elizabeth and for more information.

Have a good weekend, and we hope to see you Sunday.

John Shearer
adult volunteer